Kitchen is closed, but we are working. Over the weekend and on Friday, we make big food shopping in Austria and places around Bratislava, where we are not able to get during the week. And we need to visit the post office, banks, state institutions or similar places that are usually closed over the weekend and at night.

Three seats, very tiny, we are focused on takeaway.

We are focused on soups as a full-valued main dish, but we offer options for a smaller hunger, desserts and sometimes a main dish too.
Just check our daily menu.

Freshly made and different every day. We have options for meat lovers, vegetarian, adventurers, traditionalists. If you wish and there is not a peak time, you can try the samples of the soups first.

Yes, of course. All our soups, most of the main dishes and some desserts are gluten free. We use the mixed vegetable to make the soups thick.
Sure, a lot of possibilities. We often use rice cream or coconut cream instead of milk. Soups and dishes with cheese are usually available in dairy free version too. Just check food description or don’t hesitate to ask.

Yes, you can choose fresh sourdough bread or croutons, corn crackers..

Yes, of course, we support the zero waste way.

Because of traveling and love 🙂 Traveling expands horizons and love fills the refridgerator..