Kitchen is closed, but I am working.  I usually make big grocery shopping in places, where I am not able to get during the week.

You need to make a reservation, 1 day in advance. Just check my menu and text me your order per WhatsApp or sms.

One table and three seats, very tiny space, I am focused on takeaway.

I am focused on soups as a full-valued main dish, but I offer options for a smaller hunger, desserts and sometimes a main dish too. Just check my daily menu.

Freshly made and different every day. I have options for meat lovers, vegetarian, adventurers, traditionalists. If you wish and there is not a peak time, you can try the samples of the soups first.

All my soups, most of the main dishes and some desserts are gluten free. I use the mixed vegetable to make the soups thick.
Usually yes, just check food description or don’t hesitate to ask. I often use rice cream or coconut cream instead of milk.

Yes, of course, I support the zero waste way.

Because of naivety and love. 🙂